The Hemmy Clothing Brand was established in 2014 with a simple sketch. From street art to your favorite street-wear apparel. The Hemmy offers a variety of different styles to choose from. From an unsure sketch to a finalized design, the "OG" design was then created. From that point on two friends come together to start a movement and create a clothing brand which has meaning behind it. Our Motto was then created "More Than A Brand, Its Who We Are."


     Romeo Veloz and Josue Martinez then invested their time and money into pursuing their dream. They started off with a batch of shirts printed by a third party which completely sold out. From that point on they knew they were on to something bigger than they could ever imagine. They then took matters into their own hands and started screen-printing their own shirts. Along with their own photography and website design. Not to say this whole process is not as easy as you think.



    Started off locally in San Diego, CA The Hemmy started getting exposure from areas all around the world. Hard work and dedication was then tested. From working their daily jobs to working on the brand with no excuses. Grinding late nights and early mornings, experiencing trial and error they were determined to make it work, giving up was not an option.


    This journey is something new that not many people get to experience. With the right team and connections anything is possible. This is the life we chose and plan to continue.  Our goal is to make this brand known and become worldwide.